Straight Poop on Cod Liver Oil Dosage (Ready to Be Confused?)


Sarah Pope holds up a teaspoon and a dessert spoon in a 2010 video on cod liver oil dosage.

In all the discussion and debate that has raged here and elsewhere over the last two weeks about … READ MORE

Playing with Fire: Why WAPF’s Cod Liver Oil Wounds Won’t Heal Soon


Naturopath Ron Schmid

“I am so filled with dismay at your sensationalizing. The trust in the Weston A. Price Foundation is being shaken. United we stand, divided we fall. Big Ag and Big Pharma are celebrating. My … READ MORE

Cod Liver Oil Recriminations Escalate


Dave Wetzel of Green Pasture

The cod liver oil recriminations have begun, and it’s not pretty.

Since nutritionist Kaayla Daniel released her devastating 111-page report on Saturday, contending that Green Pasture fermented cod liver oil is rancid, … READ MORE

Major Falling Out at WAPF Over “Fermented” Cod Liver Oil

KaaylaDanielA dispute that has been simmering within the Weston A. Price Foundation over the integrity of a brand of so-called “fermented” cod liver oil, burst into the open this weekend.

Last October, I reported about an emerging … READ MORE

Who Says You Can’t Succeed By Selling Raw Milk at $24 Per Gallon?


Charlotte and Marc Smith

No matter how you look at it, the data on farming in the U.S. are depressing. The average age of farmers is approaching 60, and most family farms have less than $50,000 annual … READ MORE

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