The Canadian Campaign to Legally Strangle Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones


Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt

The Canadian Shropshire sheep case against Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones–ongoing in one form or another for the last five years–has had more weird twists and turns than the U.S. Food and … READ MORE

Watch Out: FDA Campaign Against Raw Milk Cheese Moving Into Super-Opaque Mode

Almonds-rawlabel I was pleasantly surprised to see the sign shown here at a Vermont food co-op where I like to shop—truthful labeling that contrasts with the questionable labeling of almonds in many food stores, often suggesting they … READ MORE

European Dairy Oligarchs Try the American Model on Greece

Athens Greece. Ruins of Parthenon temple on the Acropolis heritage of Athens

Athens Greece. Ruins of Parthenon temple on the Acropolis.

You might expect some pity by European business interests on Greece. But exactly the opposite is taking … READ MORE

Claravale Dairy Tries to Get Back to Normal


Ron Garthwaite and Collette Cassidy in happier times at Claravale Dairy, in 2008.

It’s been a tough few months for Claravale Dairy, what with being linked to a number of campylobacter illnesses as well as labor problems.


New MI Regulator Message to Raw Dairies: Do Herdshares Our Way, Sans Cream, Kefir, and Butter


The Golimbieski family, with Brenda at lower left, Joseph at upper right, with their children.

Agriculture authorities signaled a new determination to restrict herdshares in a new attack on Michigan raw milk.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture … READ MORE

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